Music is one of the greatest gifts we have in this life, a gift meant to be enjoyed & shared by all.  An amazing teacher is one who is able to nurture the spirit in each student, allowing music to be a vessel for expression & empowerment.  Mira Lutsenko integrates a holistic approach to music education, where mind, body & spirit traverses the world of music through the many mediums available.  Whether your interest is jazz, contemporary & classical via vocal, piano, guitar or all three, her approach is rooted in a foundation of understanding how music works; the math, art & magic behind each note.





     Mira works together with her student's to craft an individual journey of discovery over the course of 10 months, where a balance of theoretical application, improvization, ear training, & stage presence are defined.  The goal is to nurture both hemispheres of the brain, creating well rounded musicians who are just as keen on theoretical understanding as they are on the emotional quality of the music.  The Philosophy behind Soul Sound Studio is to create a space for aspiring music students, whether beginner or advanced, young or old, to develop in the direction that calls to them.  Through our "discovery sessions" together we formulate a course of action that truly speaks to the desires & aspirations unique to each individual.  Whether piano or voice, there are profound gifts waiting behind each note, here to enrich us all in this symphony of life.