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Experience/ Education

Mira Lutsenko is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer & music teacher in the Toronto area.  As a third-generation classically trained musician, exploring the genres of funk, soul & jazz, Mira knows music as a vast & limitless world of discovery, healing & expression.  She thrives off the benefits of utilizing music as a vessel for self-development, and continues to touch lives through her inclusive, playful & holistic approach to artist development.   

Beginning her journey with music at the age of 4, Mira has inherited a rich upbringing of music in her home, giving her the confidence & ability to pursue a lifelong passion for music & the arts.    Her ARCT level studies with some of Canada's top pianists, have provided her with many achievements, from top placement in many Kiwanis Festivals throughout her life, to rewarding performances & personal milestones as a classically-trained pianist.  Her advanced studies of Jazz at Humber College further enhanced her musical vocabulary.   The critically-acclaimed program is where she rediscovered her love for urban music through the lens of the keyboard; through jazz theory & improvisation, that she was able to formulate a full-spectrum approach to playing, composing, and subsequentially, teaching.  Her students today enjoy the fruits of her 12+ years of teaching, & advanced techniques she absorbs in her current studies with some of Canada's top educator's and coaches, for both vocal & piano.